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Free Registry Defrag 2.4

Free Registry Defrag 2.40 will compact and defrag your system´s registry
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Free Registry Defrag is a program that will compact and defrag your system´s registry. While you use Windows, installing and uninstalling programs, every change writes and deletes entries in the system registry. The deletion of entries will leave gaps in your Windows´ registry. This problem also occurs in your whole disk, while writing and deleting programs. In such case, this is fixed by defragmenting your disk. But the utilities that defrag the disk usually don´t do the same with the registry. This is what Free Registry Defrag was made for. This program will compact the registry entries, eliminating the gaps thus compacting your system registry, making it smaller. This way it will load quickly, and your PC will recover its speed. This program will perform its task in three easy steps. Fist, it will analyze your Windows Registry for fragmentation. Then, it will review the results of the analysis, and will show you how will the size of the registry change. Then, it will perform the defrag, compact and optimization process. At the end, it will ask you to reboot your computer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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