Free Registry Defrag

Free Registry Defrag

Free Registry Defrag can compact and defragment the registry of your system
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The registry is one of the most important parts of your Windows system. The state of the registry can directly influence the operating speed and performance level of your computer. A fragmented registry where the registry entries are scattered all around, with gaps between them, will eventually decrease the speed of your computer as well.

Free Registry Defrag is a small and lightweight free application that will take care of this problem. It will compact, defragment and optimize your registry. If the fragmented registry was the cause that made your system perform poorly, then you should see a positive change right after running a registry optimization task with this application. The sleek interface is the first thing I encountered and also the first thing I liked about this application. I also appreciate that it can analyze the registry and inform you about its state before running the compacting and defragmenting tasks. Therefore, if the defragmentation and the optimization of the registry are not actually needed, you will timely know and you will be allowed to choose what to do next.

There’s nothing I dislike about this tool. I don't even mind that its interface can not be resized or customized, considering that Free Registry Defrag does its job completely satisfactory. Still, this small drawback was the reason for the four-star rating.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Very simple, neat and well-organized interface
  • Registry status analysis function
  • Fast registry analyzing and compacting speed


  • The interface can not be resized
  • The interface can not be customized or changed in any way
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